Clash Royale Deck : Fast Hog Rider Deck Arena 5

Would you feel disappointed you simply don’t be seemingly able to routine back towards the card required for protection and whenever you find your cards blocking at hand? Are you not within the feeling of enjoying a large death ball drive deck-like the P.K.K.A/Golem/Giant? Would you like to move without worrying you don’t possess the correct card to protect intense? When the response to one or more of the concerns is Yes, than can I present one to the Clash Royale Arena 5 Hog Rider Deck Terrace that I’ve been applying to keep me afloat in mid-late Noble Industry (2500+): The quick cycle hog terrace that I suppose lots of people have met or used.

Hog Rider Deck

hog rider deck


Bread and butter unpleasant option: Hog Driver (5), Goblin (8), Move (8), Lightning (2)
Defensive power layer: Valkyrie (5), Spear Goblin (8), Canon (8), Skeleton (7)
Average Elixir price: 3.0
Nothing revolutionary, just efficient. The terrace is clearly really simple to obtain the hold of but will need one drive and to spend extra attention with opposition reaction, since this deck offensive capacity is very one aspect.

Card replacement

The deck is extremely flexible. The sole cards I considered not changeable is Hog driver (obv), spear gob (if you don’t have additional anti air to set up), move (arrow isn’t an upgraded because of its insufficient speed). You’ll also wish to ensure that your move (large enough to 1 shot goblin/barrel) and hog is large enough stage (level5 hog is okay for early-middle A7, level 6 preferred)

Possible consideration of cards: Minion, minion horde (making the terrace better protection but more expensive), elixir push (exchange with canon), barbarian (same reason for minion group), freeze (I’d suggest playing a far more standard freeze+hog to power the ability of combination), fireball (poor man replacement of lightning), arrow (being an extra failsafe measure against swarm and queen).

General Strategy


Generally, you wish to be the aggressor but don’t overcome excited with your drive. The purpose of the beginning isn’t to knock out your opponent, but instead evaluate the things they are employing to answer. However, it’s common you will get 1000-1500 injury off opposition particularly when they caught with bad hand or create a selfish play. However in opening is the main point you have to bear in mind:

The things they are employing to counter you drive. This provides you with some thought on which deck they’re playing. Mortar person actually very easily display their hand when they’ve not used mortar however from location and their protection.
When they would like to get greedy with protection punish them. E.g. If that’s all-they use to protect your drive move gob and their skele. You really possess a 75% opportunity to possess a move assistance should you drive having a 2 card combination.
Get ready for defense when they employ powerful table drive protection, like barb and minion group.
Plus one critical comment: DON’T USE YOUR LIGHTNING if their protection structure is setup. In so doing you (1) set yourself in hazardous degree of elixir, (2) get minimum benefit from it as your device happen to be attracted and perhaps do enough damage about the framework currently and (3) in case you’ll need it to look after anything real nasty and (4) hand out the shock. It’s common for last second to close the overtime package that I save it-up.

Early game

Stick with your device, attempt to change around some strategy when the previous one doesn’t work. Concentrate on considering protection convert and effectively to steady chip damage on opposition. Don’t hesitate to routine out important card within the game. The terrace reaches its best when both part are limited on quantity of elixir they’ve. Therefore ultimately before entering in overtime you should attempt to obtain their structure right down to 1k. It’s not really a good indication if theirs continue to be healthy. You hardly get any harm in and if from the period last second is in, it may be a difficult uphill struggle particularly against death ball drive like Pekka and 3M.

The Eleventh Hour

You ought to be from opposition in most alert for retaliation. Particularly against slow deck you’ll possess an unique health benefit. But that doesn’t imply a lot of as all a large push opposition must do is just a one large push-to close the offer. Right now you ought to have advisable on which opposition terrace has, just how you’d protect and their gain situation. This era is generally about obtaining a table drive going back little bit of damage and creating effective protection. If opponent deploys a large container in the back, cost another street together with your little push combination to drive interest separate and never commit the elixir on the desire drive. This deck isn’t designed to protect a large 15-20 elixir major drive, but there is a 10-12 elixir push certainly defendable because of fast you are able to pattern towards the key-card at this time.


Well right now you ought to have both worked enough harm to lightning complete the opposition (or two lightning), or get pulled into a stalemate (a top structure industry, or their top structure still very healthy). If it’s the latter case be unhappy since that’s just the deck works if it winds up like a pull. That doesn’t mean it’s unwinnable. Something I do want to recommend against is by using Lightning to complete opponent before overtime. In 99% of the event you’re simply giving opposition a-6 elixir screen for drive. What you need to do, however, would be to keep defending until it’s last-second of the standard period you then finish them. In this way they not have the opportunity to counter drive. However if both (1) you are able to destroy anything nice alongside (witch/guru/musketeer/mini-pekka) or (2) you’ll need it to a 1-1 report and you also don’t possess the discretion to wait til last-second, then lightning may be the right play. Anything else is comparable to last second segment.

Final word

This deck isn’t the be-all end-all deck. The terrace truly has weakness for exploitation, including big-air system (monster/mechanism), really a large golem drive (stage 4 golem is frightening), queen (require sensitive time to destroy because of insufficient arrow). But the same as in card game, units and you have unique power and weakness and sufficient space to outplay terrace in table matchup, respectively. Fortunately this deck is fairly quick to understand. Feel free to ask below when you have difficulty and issue.