NEW 2v2 Game Modes Update, Challenges & More

The new Clash Royale NEW 2v2 Game Modes Update is out on June 12, 207 and we have very new feature coming on this update, the are as follows:-

NEW 2v2 Game Modes Update

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NEW 2v2 Game Modes Update 2017

  • Summer of 2v2 is arriving with new 2v2 game manners!
  • 2v2 Friendly Battle, 2v2 Draft, 2v2 Battle!
  • AND, beginning now, collect chests together with friends and family at a 2v2 Battle!

Clash Royale Update: CHALLENGES

  • New Rules Introduction: “Sudden Death”, “Ramp Up” and “Triple Elixir”
  • Keep a look out for the gold telling around the Tournaments tab!
  • New Legendary Card: Super Knight
  • Epic New Card: Cannon Cart
  • New Rare Card: Flying Machine
  • New Common Card: Skeleton Barrel
  • Every card will start with a exceptional Challenge!
  • Clash Royale Update: IMPROVEMENTS
  1. Unlock additional Battle Deck slots in Level 8
  2. NEW: Invite friends for your Clash Royale friends record
  3. NEW: Invite friends right for a Clan
  4. Clan Chat profanity filter on/off faucet (at Settings)
  5. Report offensive players or language through Clan Chat
  6. Audio decks out from TV Royale and shared replays
  7. Clans now unlock Level 1 (card requests nevertheless unlock Level 3)
  8. Card Shop now cycles through all available cards inside 3 months

Clash Royale Update: BALANCE

  • Giant binder comprises less gold and Typical Cards, but lots more Unusual Cards
  • Magical Chest and Super Magical Chest feature more jewels
  • We have re-balanced a few cards (figure out what is changing!
  • We hope you like the update! Let’s know what you consider it about the forums or even reddit.

See you at the Arena, Clash Royale for PC